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News | 25.04.18 Heading

Beats By Dre-

Product photography is an integral part of the production process of any product campaign, be it for print, web or social media as the product photos are used to craft the different creatives & ads of the campaign.

As an agency, creating photo-realistic 3D product visuals is one of our main services & we came up with the idea that we can replace product photos & photoshoots altogether with 3D rendered product images during the production of a campaign as this will reduce the time & production costs drastically & also we can create complicated product images otherwise not possible through photography or would be very expensive to produce.

As a proof of concept of this idea we started an internal agency project to create a series of conceptual campaign creatives of really famous products, which can be instantly recognised, with the main product images created in 3D instead of real photos. The final results even stunned us as there was practically no way to tell the difference between a campaign creative that uses actual product photos & the ones we created using 3D product images. Also everyone who saw the campaign creatives couldn’t really distinguish the real photos from the 3D images.




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