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News | 19.06.19 Heading

A Website Launch & the Journey of 4 years.

How An Ad Agency Was Built Up By An Ideology About Design & the Value it Creates in Our World

WULF Arts Inc. was founded in 2014. We are an ad agency. Also we are just about to launch our website. Why hadn’t we launched one in the last 4 years you ask? Well you will have to get to the end of this post to find that out.





WULF Arts Inc. was started out backed by almost a cult like belief in the “tangible” & real value that design creates in our world & we wanted that belief to be communicated through our branding, all of our online presence & especially our website. When we had started off, this ideology was still a theory to everyone else but us. So we needed a while to stress-test our belief system & prove them out in-the-real-world before we could proclaim it as our truth. Which we did in the last 4 years. We figured out how to most effectively implement our skills in practical scenarios, work within tight campaign schedules, who we could create value for & more importantly who we couldn’t, who we could partner with to supercharge each others abilities and how to sell our ideas to clients among a million other things.

We also grew incredibly strong as a team through all of this. In short “we-found-ourselves”. A real tear jerker right there.

Along our way we worked on a lot of projects, both big & small & as we grew as an agency, the need for our official website became a necessity. We were active on multiple social media platforms but almost daily we would find ourselves faced with the question “Do you guys have a website?”. That’s when we knew we couldn’t put this on the back-burner anymore.

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