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Parekh Sanitary Stores Branding

Branding & Identity System Design for Parekh Sanitary Stores

We created a new branding & identity system for the sanitary-ware retailer as a part of their transition from a mid-tier retailer to catering the more sophisticated consumer segment

Parekh Sanitary stores, being a market leader of sanitary-ware retail since its establishment in 1964, recognised the market opportunity for a global standard sanitary-ware retail experience in Raipur. It’s the city they were based off of and its consumer expectations were changing rapidly. The buying power of consumers was increasing led by the economic growth & they were very open to new lifestyle choices & experiences.



The need for a new identity

Parekh Sanitary stores had the idea reposition their brand to represent themselves as hi-end retailer & open a new experience centred retail destination spread across 17000sq. ft, the largest of its kind in their location, to meet the gap in the market.



Logo breakdown

Logo pattern construction


A fresh new retail experience

We were approached by them to do the re-branding & identity design a good 6 months before the opening of the new retail location & we were really excited to work with them & be a part of such a huge project.


Brand repositioning

Defining the visual language

We followed their brief closely & also studied the hi-end market leaders in other regions & locations to get a deeper understanding of the visual language that is commonly used so that the brand designs we create stay relevant within the context of the industry & also visually communicate the emotions that sets the exclusive retailers apart from the mass market. We crafted the logo based on these principles & also to communicate the trust that the business had cultivated in more than 5 decades of its existence. We also worked really hard to maintain the same visual identity across all the print and stationery materials as well.

A recognisable & repeatable identity system

This was an elaborate branding exercise & we tried to establish a really strong but instantly recognisable identity system. The clients didn’t want to radically stand out from other hi-end sanitary ware retailers but wanted to be recognized as one among them, nationally.